Hello Sirens, my old friends

I've come to lure your ships on the cliffs again

The Sound of Sirens is a tabletop game where players try to crash ships onto the Merfolk cliffs. Crash your ship to win the game and lure sailors to their doom. For no sailor is able to resist The Sound of Sirens!

check out a first draft of the rules of the Sound of Sirens

Sometimes the world doesn't need another hero...


... sometimes it needs a MONSTER!

blub ... blub ... blub ... blub ...

Competition among Mermaids is fierce! Obstruct, thwart, stonewall and delay the others and crash the ships under your control with your irresistable voice. 

How to win the Sound of Sirens?

  • Summon other mermaids to sing songs with you (just to be clear: you don't actually sing)
  • Move your ship at great speed towards the cliffs
  • Place obstacles to slow down others but be careful or they might use them against you
  • Anchor rival ships to stop them in their tracks
  • Use your treasures and destroy other treasures

Outsmart and outsing all the other mermaids and get crowned the ultimate mermaid or man!

"I'll need four ships and fifty stout men. We'll sail around the Horn and return with spices and silk, the likes of which ye have never seen."

- Captain McCallister -

Game content: what's in the box?

mermaid cards x 18

Malevolent mermaids sing solo or duets which such divine beauty that no sailor is able to resist. 

Mermaids sing in 4 musical genres:

  • Pop  Ballad_0002_pop
  • Rock  Ballad_0000_Rock
  • Ballad  Ballad_0003_Layer-1
  • Rap  Ballad_0001_Rap

Sailors listen to two different genres, as shown on the sail of the ship. 


dooooomed sailing ships x 4

  • 4 ill-fated hulls (the base)
  • 4 damned masts
  • 4 hopeless mast supports
  • 6 cursed sail cards

The ships use a simple mechanism to click together. A playing card is used as a sail. Stretch goals on KS will decide the final material of the boats. 

action cards x 84

Lure your sailors to the cliffs... and sabotage others by anchoring their ship, destroying their treasures and letting them live! 

  • Anchors
  • Treasures 
  • Obstacles
  • Double Movement
  • Go Fishin'
  • Summon Multiple Merman 'n maids
  • ...

All actions seen here are sketches and do not represent the final product.

What the merfolk are singing

sound of sirens board game pop logo


sound of sirens board game rap logo


Sound of Sirens board game Rock logo


sound of sirens board game balad logo