For centuries, tales have been circulating about creatures from the sea that swallow ships whole. After all this time, nobody still believes them, of course. But after a long, long slumber, the Sirens of the Dire Strait have finally reawakened. And there’s no time for rehearsals: they’re skipping straight to the main event!

As the sirens’ wailing sound waves blend together with those of the ocean, the mesmerized crew of nearby ships is unaware of the mortal danger they are in. They will surely be led to their doom... For no sailor is able to resist...

The Sound of Sirens!

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plenty of merm in the sea

and they're ready to steal the show

Headlining are the Sirens, a diverse cast of merms (that's what you call 'em nowadays) with their own particular vibe. Because not all ships are attracted to the same style of music, each Siren specializes in a musical genre befitting their identity:

  • BALLAD (blue)
  • POP (pink)
  • RAP (yellow)
  • ROCK (purple)

Brought to life by the amazingly talented Zwoltopia!zwoltopia-avatar

Cards as sails

the very mast, like no one ever was

The Sirens lure different boats into their traps, and we've devised a nifty way to make use of playing cards (with musical genres) as sails of a 3D ship that you can assemble and customize yourself.

>>> You can see us in action, lasercutting the ships.